DAMAC Properties: Redefining Luxury in Dubai Real Estate

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DAMAC Properties

Dubai is home to some of the most luxurious and iconic properties in the world. From the Burj Khalifa to the Burj Al Arab, Dubai’s landmarks and properties are renowned all over the globe. And when it comes to luxury properties in Dubai, DAMAC Properties has redefined the standards of new designs and craftsmanship with their spectacular projects.


Established in 2002, DAMAC Properties has developed groundbreaking designs and projects to swiftly cement its position as a trailblazer in the real estate market in Dubai. Ever since its inception, DAMAC Properties has been committed to giving back to communities to alleviate hardships, respond to urgent needs, and deliver all the tools required for a sustainable future.

Renowned Projects

DAMAC Properties has developed some truly iconic projects that gained global acclaim, and their architectural wizardry has led to DAMAC being a highly prestigious brand in international markets.

Some of DAMAC Properties’ more renowned projects include the DAMAC Lagoons and DAMAC Hills.

DAMAC Lagoons

DAMAC Lagoons is a water-inspired community that is designed to bring the essence of Mediterranean destinations to Dubai. Located near the DAMAC Hills community in Dubai, the luxurious DAMAC Lagoons comprises breathtaking villas and townhouses that are surrounded by striking blue lagoons and white sandy beaches that exude tropical island vibes.

Property Highlights

The DAMAC Lagoons community project is developed over 45 million square feet. The Mediterranean-inspired project is designed with serene, azure lagoons and white beaches that cradle artfully architected ultra-luxury villas and townhouses. The breathtaking layout ensures that residents feel like they are ready to embark on a Mediterranean voyage without ever having to leave their homes and makes every day spent at DAMAC Lagoons feel like a holiday!

The project consists of eight clusters that are connected by lagoons and represent eight of the most vibrant cities in the world: Venice, Morocco, Costa Brava, Nice, Malta, Andalusia, Portofino and Santorini.


‘The Floating City’ of the DAMAC Lagoons, Venice is adorned with enchanting canals, picturesque buildings and alluring streets.

It is designed to be the Fun Hub of the project and the live entertainment, waterside cafes and mesmerizing gondola rides across its narrow canals ensure Venice lives up to its name.


Morocco is the ‘Serene Oldtown’ of the DAMAC Lagoons.

Subtle hues and hints of quaint Moroccan style make it the Tranquility Hub of the community, and residents can immerse themselves in lagoon-facing infinity pools, yoga meditation lawns and other portals that lead to artful escapes.

Costa Brava

Costa Brava, the ‘Wild Coast’ of the DAMAC Lagoons, is the home of exhilarating adventures for residents.

Activities such as kayaking, paddle surfing, rock climbing, wave riding and ziplining provide thrills to residents and allow Costa Brava to live up to the Adrenaline Hub tag of the DAMAC Lagoons.


Nice is the ‘Vibrant Pearl’ of the DAMAC Lagoons. This picturesque beachside escape gives off a youthful charm.

Residents can relax at the beach and splash pools, pedal along bicycle trails, show off their ollies at the skate park, or strut their skills at the BMX Arena to enjoy the Youth Hub to its fullest.


Idyllic honey-stone buildings, domes, spires and twisting and turning streets give Malta a rich cultural heritage and make it the ‘Historic Capital’ with a Mediterranean vibe.

Malta is designed to be the Play and Learn Hub of the DAMAC Lagoons, offering educational activities such as a maze, camping island, AR nature trail, interactive water attractions and outdoor art exhibits.


The ‘Charming South’ of the DAMAC Lagoons, Andalusia is ideal for traversing cobbled streets and soaking in a fresh oceanic breeze to enjoy magical blue-to-pink sunsets.

Andalusia is the designated Ladies Hub of the community and boasts a fully-equipped gym, spa, salon and meditation lounge for women residents – all within moments of the beach.


Referred to as the ‘Ligurian Gem’, Portofino draws inspiration from the jewel of the Italian Riviera and represents the glamour of Italy by the Ligurian Coast. DAMAC Lagoon’s Portofino is fabled for its cobbled piazzetta overlooking the stunning harbor with crystal waters.

Portofino is the Work and Play Hub of the DAMAC Lagoons. Business offerings include exciting team-building events and meetings at waterside cafes, while residents can enjoy kayaking, paddle surfing and sailing when it is time to unwind.


One of the most picturesque places on earth served as inspiration for Santorini, the ‘Island Odyssey’ of the DAMAC Lagoons. It is home to sandy, white beaches that allure and evoke awe and amazement at every moment spent there.

Designed to be the Central Hub of the DAMAC Lagoons, Santorini offers residents a Fitness and Wellness Zone and wall climbing activities. Guests can also loosen up and relax at The Clubhouse before heading to the Floating Cinema to enjoy a movie under the spellbinding stars adorning the night sky.

Living Facilities

DAMAC Lagoons offers ultra-luxurious villas and townhouses that heighten the living experience for residents.


DAMAC Lagoons boasts six-bedroom LV3 and LV4 villas that give residents the ultimate luxury living experience.


Residency options at DAMAC Lagoons also include five-bedroom townhouses (LTH-5A-E and LTH-5A-M), four-bedroom townhouses (LTH-4A-M) and three-bedroom townhouses (LTH-3A-M).


DAMAC Lagoons residents can enjoy one-of-a-kind amenities, recreational avenues and water-based sports activities, including:

  • Waterfalls
  • White beaches
  • Crystal lagoons
  • Swimming
  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Jet skiing
  • Surfing
  • Ziplining
  • Water trampoline
  • Floating amphitheater
  • Live shows

DAMAC Lagoon Views

The DAMAC Lagoon Views project is a new complex of residential buildings in the DAMAC Lagoons community. This architectural masterpiece is designed to maximize the experience of luxury living promised by the DAMAC Lagoons project and invite residents into a luxurious lifestyle filled with serenity and grace, where Mediterranean dreams come to life.

DAMAC Lagoons Views residents can find accommodation options in the form of 1- and 2-bedroom apartments with spacious balconies that guarantee unmatched views of the magical azure lagoons and white beaches.

Residents can also enjoy world-class amenities and aquatic adventures, including:

  • Azure blue lagoons
  • Island white beaches
  • Waterfront apartments
  • Floating amphitheater
  • Floating bridge
  • Opera
  • Outdoor spa and yoga
  • Flamenco gardens
  • Aqua gym
  • Lagoon zipline
  • Wave pool
  • Water-inspired restaurants and cafes.

Nearby Destinations

Nestled in the heart of the vibrant Dubai community, the DAMAC Lagoon Views project is also conveniently located so that residents can always find themselves within minutes of the most important landmarks and attractions.

Major nearby destinations include the Al Maktoum International Airport, Saudi German Clinic, Global Village, Mall of the Emirates, DAMAC Mall and Trump Golf Club, among others.

Recent Project

DAMAC Hills 2

One notable recent project by DAMAC Properties is DAMAC Hills 2, a peaceful residential community that has been developed over 42 million square feet in Dubai. Promising clean air and naturally cooler temperatures, this completed project is only 36 minutes away from Dubai International Airport and has access to four of the biggest highways in the UAE. Other essential business hubs, such as the Internet City, Media City and Barsha Heights, are also within close proximity of DAMAC Hills 2.

Residents can live in a wide variety of villas ranging from 3- to 6-bedroom villas, including Oleander, Celosia, Rivina, Aknan, Aurum, Biela, Cuatro, Hajar, Imagine, Bughatti Villas, Just Cavalli Villas and Premier Villas.

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DAMAC Properties: Redefining Luxury in Dubai Real Estate 3


Amenities at DAMAC Hills 2 include:

  • Amphitheater
  • Boating lake
  • Fishing lake
  • Swimming pools
  • Water playground
  • Football pitch
  • Cricket pitch
  • Volleyball court
  • Cycling paths
  • Jogging track
  • Floating cinema
  • Green zone
  • Picnic park
  • Giant chess game
  • Lazy river
  • Man-made beach
  • Maze
  • Outdoor cinema
  • Outdoor gymnasium
  • Zen garden.

International Projects

In addition to the UAE, DAMAC Properties has graced international markets with their eye-catching real estate development projects as well. Countries like Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and the United Kingdom have all welcomed projects developed by DAMAC Properties.

Some of the most renowned international projects by DAMAC Properties include:

Saudi Arabia:


  • Burj DAMAC Seaviews
  • Burj DAMAC Waterfront
  • Burj DAMAC Marina


  • DAMAC Tower Amman

United Kingdom:

  • DAMAC Tower Nine Elms London.

Purchase Options

DAMAC Properties offers ready-for-purchase as well as off-plan villas and apartments in a number of projects across borders. Be it in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan or the UK, customers can choose their most suitable residential option and purchase their preferred DAMAC Properties villa or apartment to live a life few can dream of!


DAMAC Properties prides itself on adding vibrancy to cities with their diverse portfolio of projects, which includes skyscrapers, communities and branded residencies. To date, DAMAC Properties has successfully delivered 47,000 luxury residences and has 33,000 more quality homes in planning and progress.

Some awards and accolades bestowed upon DAMAC Properties include:

  • Leading Real Estate Developer of Luxury Properties in UAE in 2023 – World Business Outlook Awards 2023
  • Best Luxury High Rise Living for Cavalli Casa Tower – 2023 Luxury Lifestyle Awards
  • Most Innovative Residential Community Developers in UAE 2023 – Global Business Outlook Awards
  • Developer of the Year Award – Retail and Leisure International Awards
  • Most Socially Responsible Real Estate Company in UAE 2020 – International Business Magazine

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